Hello All!

Hello All!

Welcome to the FIRST EDITION of Your Mortgage Blog. This blog is a resource of the Sidwell Companies.

And so, it’s come to this. After more than 20 years of arranging mortgages in the state of California and encountering every type of borrower, loan program and mortgage scenario imaginable, we’ve been told that we must start blogging. Our millennial associates insist that such knowledge has to be shared. With that in mind, treasured reader, please be gentle, as we make our first foray into the blogosphere. Does this blogging thing require some type of license? Should it?

The objective of this blog is fairly simple. We want to explain home loans in a clear, understandable and sometimes funny manner. The goal is to remove fear and intimidation from the mortgage lending process. We understand that Life Happens! And regardless of the circumstance there’s probably a way for the average person to buy a home, or at least start down the path to home ownership. We want to show you that path.

If you’re an elite borrower or seasoned real estate investor, we have something for you as well. You’ll find cutting edge mortgage products and creative approaches that you’ll find attractive, even inspiring, once we peek under the hood.

We’ll also discuss topics and post videos that don’t always relate to mortgages, but are nonetheless engaging and rewarding.

So thanks for reading our first blog and I look forward to you joining us for future posts. You can even subscribe so you won’t miss a word.

Until the next post … may health and happiness abound!